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Leaders all around the world have the same pain points - time and time again. We are under constant pressure to do more, more, more.. Do it faster, do it bigger - and do it with less. If these challenges persist for us year after year, why do we keep trying to solve them in the same old way? It's time for some innovative thinking - even if that means challenging some long established status quos. Join me as I start sharing my thoughts and solutions during next week's long-awaited webinar with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) as they bring together a top GC panel to discuss the 2024 Chief Legal Officer survey key findings. Even if you're not a CLO, there are pearls of wisdom here for you. #TheMaasMinute #AI_AlternativeInsights

Click here for Webinar details on LinkedIn:

Webinar time is short so if you want to learn more, click above on the Services page & book a meeting: 

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