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Everyone is overwhelmed today.  Doing more with less is not the answer.  The key is finding ways to do less and still be productive where it counts. Stratevix provides unique services that help you find practical solutions to the challenges of today through Simplification, Strategic Focus and Systems – all so you can recapture time and unlock your (and your business’s) true value and potential. 


Collaborating regularly with tech companies, field experts and C-Suite peers, we bring the best of the business world to you: what you need, when you need it.


Here we provide an overview of the key Services we offer.  Please scroll down to the “Get in Touch” section below and click the link to book a meeting for an initial consultation so we may explore how best to help you.

Strategic Leadership Advisory & Board Services

Facilitating your longer term Vision and Strategy, our Tier 1 services are designed to help Companies & Teams achieve their long term strategic objectives by helping you identify and focus on the top priorities that will help move the needle and have a lasting impact.  Services include guidance and strategic advice on key implementation drivers such as Transformation & Change Management; Execution through meaningful Prioritization & Time Management; Effective Communication Plans; Creative and People Centric Leadership & Engagement. 


We also offer Board Member & Advisory Committee services through the appointment of our lead consultant, Alexia Maas


Operational Excellence 

Enabling your immediate and shorter term goals, our Tier 2 services are designed to help you get things done.  Based on our core principles of Simplification, Strategy and Systems, we specialize in winning strategies and solutions that can help you balance the ever-increasing demands of your role, the needs of the business and your own personal development. 


Stratevix was initially created "by a GC for GCs" to support the legal, compliance & risk management industry, but our Time Value Project© is a framework we use with clients across a range of industry sectors and it has helped each of them free up several hundred hours per person per year;  find ways to reduce cost & eliminate wasted spend; streamline operational processes; measure and demonstrate the value of service professionals and elevate their team’s productivity and engagement to new heights.


Executive Coaching & Individual Mentoring

Our Tier 3 services are all about you – the individual.  We offer two levels (Executive and Personal Coaching):

1.    Executive Coaching:  Designed for Corporate Clients, here we offer individual coaching and consulting services for Leaders and Managers – again, focused primarily on time management and how you – as an individual – can help balance the ever increasing demands of your role, your business needs and your personal development as a leader. 

2.     Personal Mentoring:  Designed for Individual Clients, we offer time management and work/life balance coaching. 


Alexia says: “ our desire to do more with less, we often lose sight of what’s really important and thereby lose control of our most precious resource: Time.  Having experienced this myself, I’m passionate about helping people rediscover the time and space to breathe – because that’s where the magic happens.  It’s taken me years to turn that corner and I want to help others get there sooner.


Nonprofit Management Consulting

Since 2021, Alexia co-founded, launched and has been helping to run a nonprofit organization acting as Executive Director.  Through her growing experience in nonprofit leadership and combined with her longstanding business career, Stratevix offers a combination of all of the above services for certain nonprofit organizations on a “Donation in Kind” pro-bono or discounted fee basis.  Availability and eligibility criteria discussed on application.  Please scroll down to the “Get in Touch” section below and click the link to book a meeting for an initial consultation so that we may explore how we can help you achieve your mission.

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